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Why I'm up at this hour of the night.

Oh maaaaan. Why oh why did I ever volunteer for this stupid Colfax Marathon event, anyway? I get to leave the house at 3.30AM - meaning I have to start getting dressed at 3AM, because it's short sleeves, dress pants, duty belt, flashlight, and traffic vest, and I still have to clean my boots - and work the event (doing whatever - probably traffic directing) until 8AM.

Of course, it did give the rather awesome moment when I was wrestling with my dad, he punched me in the arm, and I said "Hey, don't go giving me bruises right before I hafta work on Colfax!" We both cracked up, and Mom rolled her eyes at us.

(Note for the non-Metro folks: Colfax is known for, besides being the longest coninuous street in the country, being where all the whores and drug dealers hang out. Aurora PD actually has tickets they can give people to order them off Colfax, for no other reason other than them being on it.)

Well, damn. I need to go take a shower, my hair is seriously skanky right now. I'm talking eeeew. Then I'll make me a nice little breakfast with real food and everything (by this, I mean microwave sausage, Eggo waffles, Toaster Strudel, and grape Kool-Aid). Then I'll probably veg out in the living room until it comes time for me to get dressed and play like I'm a wannabe-cop.
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