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RFR Ramblings, yet again

God, I LOVE this show.

"Three words, Kim: Stick to the program."
"Uh, Mr. Waller..."
"Yes, I know, it was four words."

"Audio wedgie, that's a good use of metaphor- wait, Kim, I need that back, it's my niece's."

"Isn't that what Batman said? Yeah, to the Penguin!"
"Actually, Sung Tsu, an ancient warrior, said it. In 400 BC."
"Strong, is it fun being you?"
"I wouldn't say fun."

"Hey, look at that, people are actually reading the Oracle."
"Maybe it's because they're carrying Marmaduke! ...not that I ever read it, or anything."

RFR is totally dissing Kim, and she starts ripping apart Waller's (third) radio. He grabs it away and goes, "What do you have against me owning a radio?!"

"I didn't do that."
"Riiiight. And I'd look good with a bellybutton ring."

Okay, that's it. I frikkin adore Waller.

"Three words: Not going to happen."
"Um, sir, that's-"
"Yeah, I know. You can go now."

"You never told me you had a frog!"
"Ray, remember when we were seven, and you flushed my pet goldfish down the toilet because you thought he'd enjoy the ride? I wasn't about to let you loose on Jumpy."
"Ah. Good point."

"You gave to take a chapter that we've read so far and interpret it creatively. Write a song, do a rap, it doesn't matter, as long as it's creative." Boy in the back of the class raises his hand. "And no, live animals do not count as creative." Boy sadly puts his hand down.

"She has the hots for me!"
"Technically she has the hots for Question Mark."
"Technically you're a pessimistic freak."
"I prefer realistic freak."

And how much do I love that Travis is up on his Superman lore?

"Still on the Wuthering Heights?"
"Yep, our great performance is after the show today."
"Poor Heathcliff. Catherine truly never knew the way he felt, and then he went insane."
"Yeah, he probably should've done something, huh?"
"I guess, but then it wouldn't've been the depressing masterpiece we all know and love and rented a day before the paper was due."

Aw, Travis left a note for Ray saying "Good luck, Ray!" He's such a sweetie. And I soooo don't need another character-crush, damn it! Although this one is at least a little more age-appropriate than my others. Heh.
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