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On naming a character.

Otakulee (7:59:16 PM): Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That's, like, all the male Biblical names I can remember. *didn't go to church often*
Otakulee (7:59:27 PM): Well, I mean, besides Jesus.
HollyKitten36 (7:59:32 PM): LOL
HollyKitten36 (7:59:40 PM): Yeah! Let's call the closet gay Jesus!

Otakulee (9:47:11 PM): RHCP's lead singer is hot
Otakulee (9:47:16 PM): ...red hot.
mibby the ninja (9:47:16 PM): Yesssss
mibby the ninja (9:47:24 PM): like a chili pepper
Tags: chats, music, names

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