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First vacation update, from the wonder that is Nebraska (sarcasm, dudes, look into it)

The best part of today: WE PASSED A GODDAMN ALPACA FARM!!!!

My mom pointed it out to me, and I whipped my head around, grinned as wide as possible, and screeched "ALPACAS!" all nice and high-pitchedly. Bwah. Later on, I randomly said "We saw alpacas!" and my mom thought I saw "We saw old fat men!" Yeah, I don't know.

Anyway, we've stopped for the night in Lincoln, Nebraska, at a Holiday Inn Express that has tons of cable channels, hooray! Including FX, so we'll try to stop at another Holiday Inn Express Tuesday so I can watch me some Rescue Me season 3 premiere, dude. Tomorrow we should be stopping in Joliet, and if you don't think that makes me happy, you don't know me at all.

And now, I'm going to stop eating cookies, because I'm getting sick, and going to try to convince my mom to go swimming before the pool shuts down.

Aaaand I'm back! Swimming was fun, as was the shower afterwards. Of course, I hit my knee on something, and now I can't remember what. The counter? The door? The door knob? 'Tis a mystery! (Oh noez!)

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