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RL updates + yet another bizarre crossover idea

We leave tomorrow morning for our trip! Tomorrow night we'll stay at South of the Border (which I adored as a kid; barely remember it now, hope it's still awesome), then on Monday we'll reach Joe's. I'll stay the night as his place while the family stays at a nearby hotel, then we'll leave in the morning. We should get to St. Augustine by the end of Monday, and we'll be there for about four days. Then drive down to Disney for a WEEK! RAWK ON.

In other news, my mom got that "Big Brain Academy" game. I did the test, and got a D+ with the brain type of "fashion stylist. Obv., this is hilariously wrong, so I retook the test. Got a C, with the type of "diplomat". Well, okay then. Sounds good to me!

I'm all packed, except for my laptop (which I am on) and my Nintendo DS, which I will be playing until I feel like sleeping. Probably. Maybe. I dunno.

And in today's edition of "Why me and my cousins (mostly Kirsten) should never hang out"... we have a planned 21 Jump Street/Doctor Who crossover! Yes, you read that right. Those of you who are long-time fans may remember the still-planning 21JS/Stargate SG-1 story and Wonderfalls/SG1 story. These are still not written. But the 21JS/DW story idea? SO much better! Because it's based on the idea that Captain Jack and Tom Hanson? Same person. Hells yeah.* After he regains his memories (long story), he introduces himself as Captain Officer Tack. Because.

Oh, and to my David Monahan fangirl homies - I got Something New on DVD, so I'll totally be screencapping his (way too short) appearence!

* For those wondering how we got this idea... I saw a picture of Jack in his first episode, with the WWII haircut? And I was all, "Hey, he looks just like Hanson in the first episode of Jump Street!" And Kirsten stared at it and agreed. We then found a picture of Hanson from said episode, and put the two side-by-side. And DAMN, whoa, but yes. They totally look alike. CREEPY.
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