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In which I actually update, and then mostly babble about Doctor Who

This just in: I'm still alive! I know, it shocked me too. But then I got over it.

This also just in: I've watched all the Captain Jack episodes of Doctor Who, plus the Christmas special, plus I've read two of the Tenth Doctor books and ordered all three of the Ninth Doctor books with Cap'n Jack. I now have a playlist for songs that remind me of Doctor Who, and I just saw 'Cry Wolf' pop up on the TV Guide channel but for a split-second I thought it said 'Bad Wolf'.

Oh yeah, it's a sickness. But such a brilliant one...

Anyway, I'm back from my St. Augustine/Disney World vacay - meaning, I'm currently in Maryland (I decided that I had had enough of Joe after over a week, and would possibly kill him if I stayed at his place an extra two weeks). Aaaand no longer dreading my return to Colorado, because I discussed it with my mother, and she agreed to let me quit police explorers. I'm just not cut out for that anymore - and maybe never was, but definitely not now when I'm planning on majoring in history and am seriously considering a career in teaching. Yeah, I know. How more ADD can I get when it comes to careers? At least they've all been in the same general area - service careers. Which is, you know, a little bizarre. Or hey, maybe I really will go into the showbiz biz.

Also, it's looking like I'll be taking back a lovebird with me to CO. One named Margarita, if you'll believe it. (My aunt raises birds; she's looking for a home for one of the two baby lovebirds she currently has. She's also the one who named it, so don't be lookin' at me, yo.)

Disney World was freaking awesome-tastic, and I even managed to keep from spending an entire fortune there. I mean, I still did, but it was just paying for food this time 'round. Well, and far too much stuff at the World Pavilions at Epcot. I'm sorry, but they had Crunchie bars! And Aero bars! And I seriously need to, like, just move to England, where I can get all this stuff cheap. Also, Orlando has an oddly large British population. No, I don't know why.

HOLY CRAP. Just saw a commercial where a little girl sang-song "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" I swear, that, and 'mummy', never gonna be just words to me again. Joe's saying he's gonna dress up as a gas-mask person, and then videotape himself moving towards the camera going "Mummy? Where's my mummy?" and then send it to me. I told him that if he did, I would freaking shoot him. I'm also thinking about maybe being a Dalek for Halloween, but that might be even too geeky for ME.

...nah. But it would be rather bulky to drag through school for our Halloween party. Maybe Cybermen? But nah. I could be one of the incarnations of the Doctor... I've got short hair! It could work!

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering: bird claws HURT when climbing up the inside vein of your arm. Who'da thought it, right? Oh, and my legs are falling asleep. And my hair is all slimy. But life? She is good!

(PS: Someone remind me to put in some more David Monahan pictures and add in some John Barrowman and David Tennant pictures to my mood theme? And to get icons of the second two, also.)
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