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Yet more rambling about Doctor Who, with a side trip to an unmistakebly American show.

Random: Anybody got any nice, long Doctor Who fics to rec? Nine or Ten only, right now, since I'm trying to get all caught up on them before I go after the other eight. Jack in it would be preferable, but hey. Whatev.

Also, I adore the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia commercial that parodies the Friends opening. Hi-freakin'-larious, dudes.

(PS: In less than half an hour, I will have all installments of the new series of Doctor Who. Tomorrow, my two ordered Nine (w/Jack) books arrive. I am ridiculously excited. Also, "Tooth and Claw" is scary as hell and do not watch it with your younger cousin alone in the house at 2AM.)
Tags: books, dr. ?, fanfiction, tv

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