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Ramblings and quotes and whoa, head rush dude

My heels are itching. I've never been confined to one planet this long - at least not without some plan hatching - and I worry it's starting to contaminate me. I saw a poster in a travel agent's window this morning and caught myself thinking Australia looked interesting. Very bad sign.

- From the Doctor Who book Only Human, by Gareth Roberts.

I'm totally watching that one episode of Ned's Declassified where Gordy burns stuff and laughs maniacally. LOVE this episode, dude. And now, for your viewing pleasure, quotes from my perfectly bizarre family:

Mom: "Well, Aunt Karen has a ten o'clock appointment with her misogynist." Pause. "Massuse."

Mom: "My du-rag undid."

Rebecca: "If this rubberband breaks, I will not have it. That would not be good. This rubberband's name is Kyle Jameson."

Rachel (who is also, yes, blonde): "Are you a Controller?" (This one's for the Animorphs fans out there.)

Me and my mum are going to go see the Devil Wears Prada later tonight, and pick up my Diadem books. I will probably go into a light book-coma for the next day or so, thanks to having the last four books in a series I thought only had six in the first place. I also realized that Diadem probably had as much of an effect on me as the Mindwarp series had, although in a subtler way - there wasn't any real clear cut way to it, unlike Mindwarp where I was just waiting to turn thirteen to see if I had silver blood (yes, seriously). But it definitely made me think of other realities/dimensions and the like. And despite the lack of any real time travel (um, that I remember), it sort of reminds me of Doctor Who and oh God, I'm not seriously contemplating a Diadem/Doctor Who crossover, am I? That'd get even less readers than the Doctor Who/21 Jump Street fic I'm planning!

Aaaand I'm rambling. Which I will stop, right now.
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