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In Which I Talk About Myself In a Vaguely Sleep-Deprived Manner.

So, I think I managed to give myself a panic attack earlier today. Pouring rain - to the point of not being able to drive more than ten mph without running into something, lightning literally right next to us, and me and my mom are out in the middle of town, driving about. I mean, I was totally fine when I was inside the Best Buy and the electricity went out - I was not, for instance, one of the tons of people who started screaming. Like, gee, morons, there's a storm going on outside? Whaddya think just happened? But later, when we were driving, I just started spazzing out about getting inside a building - more specifically, the mall, because (and this is what my brain said instantly) there was a food court there, so we'd have food, and there were clothing stores, amd there's the outfitters store, there'd probably be survival gear there...

I also think I've tracked down the reason why I was having those thoughts: I've been reading the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. Brilliant, hilarious books, I highly recommend them. Only thing is, I tend to pick up characteristics from books (mostly first person, occasionally third). Same thing with movies. Less so with TV, because there tends to be more stimulus, and the commercials distract me too. But yeah, books and movies-in-movie-theaters, I wind up talking sorta like the characters, walking like them, doing their facial expressions, somewhat thinking like them... It doesn't last long, but it does explain why I started thinking about what I'd need for survival because of a stupid storm - not something I usually do, usually I just ooh and aah at the pretty lights. Or maybe I'm just not making sense because it's past 2AM (and I keep wanting to say 'it's gone 2AM', where the hell does that come from?), and I really should go to bed now.

I'm like a damn mannerism sponge. I wish I could do something useful, like mimic voices. That would be cool. But noooo. From my time in the south (and the west), I didn't get an accent. Oh, I got the drawl, all right, but no accent with it. You ever try listening to a drawling speed-talker? I tried it once, recorded myself. How the hell do people understand one in fifty words I say?

Oh, and 'fore I forget! Happy 4th to the 'Mercans on my flist! Even if it IS nearly three hours late.
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