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Sims 2 and school

I, in my infinite wisdom, got a patch so that I can play my Sims 2 University without the CD, seeing as I managed to break yet ANOTHER drive on yet ANOTHER computer (I really need to just get an external disc drive that I can take around from computer to computer, since this seems to be an epidemic for me). So I spent a while playing a game... not one of my based-on-tv-show families, but one that was created entirely through the wonder that is randomness! Whoo! Unfortunately, when playing sans theme, I am totally uncreative with names. Yeah, really. Totally. Completely, even. I also made one of the guys pregnant by the mailman. NO idea what came over me.

Anyway, noon today, I get to drive me and my mother over to my school - school sweet school, I've actually missed you! (You may revoke my teenager membership... NOW!) - in order for me to get my schedule all arranged for this fall. Now, from what I recollect, it was with David and Brian last year. Meaning Tracy and David this year! Meaning I won't be able to B.S. any classes in, Tracy's too smart, but I also won't be stuck with complete stupidity. Now, I just need to remember to get a copy of the classes I'm to take, I need them for my Common App.
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