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Oh, Jamie, you're the one- two- three- wait, what?

So, I stayed up most of the night. I mean, I didn't get up until mid-afternoon, so it's not as bad as it sounds. I played the Sims 2 for a long, long time - long enough that the sim I created at the beginning of the night is quite close to being an elder.

Then I got worn out on Sims, and started surfing the 'net. And, somehow, I decided it would be a good idea to find more Jamie fic. Which I did. Hooboy, did I! I read well over 200 pieces of Jamie fanfics tonight (in my defense, most were drabbles, and I'm a speed reader). Then I realized I was all out of Jamie fic, so I pouted a bit and pondered maybe developing an interest in other X-Men characters (you know, as something other than possible pairings for Jamie).

Then I decided naaah, and started downloading X-Men: Evo to my computer (all four seasons; currently says it has about 14 hours until it's done). I designated all of season one (aka, for certain no Jamie) to 'download later' status (even though my clearest memories of X-Men:Evo are of the Black Cauldron two-parter, and going insane in the week between - I even went so far as to add messages to the Scott mailing list I was on, and I NEVER talk on mailing lists), and put the last two episodes as 'download first', because I like it when they all do the team-up thing. And the ending, too.

Hey, I just realized why I probably went looking for Jamie fics! Right before I went to sleep yesterday, I was totally watching "Cruise Control" and "X23". Jamie is SO adorable in those eps. I especially love his response to Ororo asking if he'd checked everywhere on the boat, and all the hims sprawled out unconcious. And the hims jumping to try and free him and Roberto from the tree, heh.

Anyway, so I stared the download, and then got a BRILLIANT idea, and started searching for comic scans. Whiiiiiich... I FOUND! WHOO! I've started downloading them, even the ones I own, just in case I feel the urge to make comics/bring others into the way of Jamie.

I've also decided that my love of Jamie can be explained in three, maybe four five, ways:
1: He's got an awesome sense of humor, although it tends a bit more towards practical jokes than mine does.
2: He can always make tons more of himself. Being an only child, this is something I quite often dreamed about, even before I knew what 'X-Men' was. (I mean, I dealt pretty well. Tons of little tiny ponies, most about half an inch tall, all with their own families and personalities and houses, and occasionally set upon by bandits or fighting in the Civil War - I miss Rusty, I wonder if I can find my horsies again...)
3: He finds it hard to make choices. I relate.
4: One of the other characters he's closest to is Rahne, who is sort of who I want to be when I grow up (werewolf part included)
5: We have the same birthday! September 7th, birthday of CHAMPIONS!!

Now, more scans to download!
Tags: jamie madrox, sims 2, tv, x-men

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