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Ren Fest!

Spent all day at the Ren Fest! Quite fun. I even ran into Nets and Tom there! Nets got a really cool looking dress, and Tom was wandering around shirtless (most of the guys who have decent bodies tend to go shirtless, since it's been in the nineties-hundreds most of the time).

I got a lot of stuff, as usual. This time, including a bow with arrows, a quiver, and leather arm-guard. I also got brown wrap pants and a big royal blue puffy collared shirt. My mom took pictures, but I have to wait for her to email me them.

I've also decided that when I get my hair cut, I'm going to get it dyed. Not a drastic change, just a brighter red-gold color. My hair tends to look a little washed out.

For now, I think I'm going to check my flist and then play some Sims.
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