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Lineage, 5.7

Sound Off
Question: Lindsey?!

Great! - 16%
And he's naked! Greater! - 39%
He's naked with Eve? Ew. - 20%
Who? - 9%
This is weird - 9%
Eh, whatever - 7%

Excerpts from Television Without Pity for Lineage:
Spicule = Spike
Cary = Lorne

Wesley immediately knocks Fred down. Hooray! Oh, he's just trying to move her to safety. Poop.

Fred wants Wesley to come see all of the cool stuff inside the superninja cyborg they're disassembling in the lab. Honestly, unless they found a 'handcrafted by the devil' tag inside, I'm not interested.

Roger explains that he and some other former Watchers have decided to reform the Council, I guess because there's a danger of the Americans' getting too far ahead of the UK in the all- important 'international meddling' category. Good luck with that, guys.

Angel acknowledges that this must look strange to Roger, but that they're all doing good work. Except for Eve and Spicule and maybe Knox and arguably Cary. If you want to be technical about it.

Wouldn't it be great if Fred fell in love with Wesley's dad? I mean, as long as they're torturing him, let's have fun with it.

Wow, Cary got to be in two scenes! I wonder if he gets overtime for that.

Wesley wakes up in the vault, because all Watchers are given steel- plated skulls.

'My father was a robot!' Wesley gasps. 'I wonder if mother knows. Wait, maybe she's a robot as well. But that would mean that....' and then Wesley opens up his own torso to reveal a lot of wires and metal. And then Rod Serling sends us home.

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