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Sparrow! No, not Jack. Jeez, you people've got one-track minds.

Does anyone else remember a movie, a cartoon, from a while ago - I'm not sure if it was ever in theaters or just on video, but it had a boy who was turned into a bird (a sparrow, I think). Aaand, that's all I remember, other than a vague memory of when he was learning to fly. I loved that movie, and now I can't even remember the name or basic plot!

...oh, wow. That was remarkably easy to Google. Put in "boy turned into sparrow", and the second link that came up led me to the info! Willy the Sparrow, originally Hungarian. According to Wiki, it's actually out on DVD now! And it originally came out the year I was born. Interesting.

Okay, now that one great mystery of my life has been solved, I think I'm going to play some more Sims 2. Maybe. Ish. Haha.
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