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It's 2AM, I'm allowed to ramble.

Anyone feel like explaining to me why in the world I just registered for the Spanish SAT II? WHY? *shoots self* I'm in Spanish II, for cryin' out loud! I'm not good enough to test in it! Stupid SAT subject tests with thier not giving World History in time for me to send it in for my application. *grumbles, pouts, etc* If they WERE, then I'd be retaking US History and Lit, and taking World History. But noooo. Grar. Oh well.

I think I'm going to go get some food and then watch my download of Life on Mars, since I've finished with the whole season. Which is, sadly, HBO-length. I think Veronica Mars spoiled me, giving me 22 episodes a season that were all quite enjoyable (yes, most American shows have 21-24 episodes a season, but at least one episode is usually really, really horrible). Ah well.

Or maybe I'll read. I've been reading lots lately. Just finished this one book that was based off of the Tam Lin legend, and before that I read the second book of the Farsala trilogy, and before that the Daughter of the Lioness series. I'm thinking I want to read a Diana Wynne Jones book now - the whole Tam Lin thing made me want to read Fire & Hemlock, but I JUST reread that, like, less than a month ago, so... I may read Hexwood if I can find it, or I may just read the Merlin Conspiracy since I know where that is and haven't reread it near often or recently enough. Plus, I AM Roddy. Especially the negative sides of her personality, heh. And doesn't she have annoying twin girl cousins who are around age ten? Odd... I wonder if they were born on Halloween? Hah. Anyway. Going now.
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