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I feel old now.

So. FictionAlley.org has turned five years old. I was all "Wow, really?" and then I checked when I registered on there.

...that's right, folks, four years. I registered July of 2002. And this November will be four years on LJ. Let's not even go into how long I've been on FFN (I registered 4 April 2000, do the math). I feel a bit sad now.

Anyway, I was talking with my mom, and decided that I'm just going to go to CU Boulder for college. It'll cost less (so I'll be able to save money for, say, a semester in England), I won't have to panic about applying, I won't have to worry about homesickness, and I'll already know somebody there! Someone with the same interests, academic and not, that I have. Makes me feel a lot better, having decided that. I mean, I'm going to be a history major, more likely than not (since history, I discovered and my mother agreed, is the one interest that I always come back to, no matter how many obsession I get in the meantime), which means I'm probably going to do graduate work anyway.
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