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You know what I love? How songs used in Veronica Mars episodes months and months back keep popping up in commercials (mostly talking about "Oh My" by Mellowdrone, but also talking about "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon - which is being used for a car commercial, huh?).

Anywhoooo. I may have to record all of my shows this upcoming season. Because I may have a job. This is step one in what I like to call the 'Get Lee a life and save her from permanently brusising her tailbone' program. I applied to be a library page at the Smoky Hill Library. Should I get it, I'll be working Mon-Thurs, 5-9, plus some time on Saturday or Sunday. You'll notice that pretty much knocks out primetime for me. But hey, it pays $8/hr, 20 hrs a week. And all I've really got to do is reshelve books. Kickass. Now I just hope I get it!

Also, a note. If you stay up over 24 hours straight, do not then spend a few hours driving around in a car. At least, not if you're like me, and tend to get carsick anyway (not throwing-up-sick, but close). I need to either sleep, or play more Sims.

...play more Sims it is!
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