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"Don't thank me. Thank the little boy cat."

Spoilers for Psych!

OMG, I adore little!Shawn. And the dad was actually sort of awesome in that flashback.

Shawn is such a girl. He's talking to Gus about his feelings. Snerk. Silly goose Gus.

He brought his police scanner WITH him! *laughs*

Buzz? "Why would I talk to anybody named Buzz?" Who does Buzz remind me of? I mean, besides Probie from Rescue Me.


Oh man, I adore Shawn. He is TOO awesome.

I love that they speak in code. And I love that Lassie is such a stickler. It's kind of awesome. And GUS! "Forensics!" And I love that Shawn is all "Marinating steak! It's murder!" And I love that Lassie made the "Hee hee, get out" thing. Because I do the same the noise.

Lassie kneed him! Hee!

"No no no, don't encourage him!"

Lassie actually looked sad for Shawn for a moment there.

"Wow. I'm jealous."

Carlos Jacott is in this episode! *happy*

"Give him a snuggle."

"Don't you and your cat get mad at me, but..."

"How do you explain the second body they just found."

Shawn is totally hitting on Lassie.

"Huh, oops!" BWAHAHA!

"He's peeing."

"Did you make good peepee? Yes you did!"

"If you and your new partner are done urinating on things-"

"He gets carsick." SNERK!

Look at Gus, with his knees all pulled up. That brings back memories of me, Kiki, and Kari in the back of their dad's car, the night of the first Psych.

Lassie totally acts like he has an office. Snerk.

McNabb is totally asking about dancing, not what Lassie is thinking about.


"What are we looking at?"
"Bad acting."

Actresses are crazies, he dated one in college who had a nosering. *dies*

"Spencer? Get off my lap." Dudes. This show? It's like, slash heaven. I mean, there's like, one possible het pairing, and Juliet acts more like a little sister than anything.

"What does all this mean?"
"I have no idea, but I see it on Numb3rs all the time, and it seems to work."

The cat is thier child! And Shawn wants him to think they're gay partners. Shower for two! Bwaha. *dies*

"What kind of dog and pony show do you think we're running here?"
"Gus, you want to take this one?"

"You call a helpline, then kill yourself, that's not very helpful!"

And I do love that Lassie is actually a good cop, actually investigating. It's nice.

Dial-A-Psychic. BWAHAHA.

"Gus, don't be ridiculous. I rented a sign."

Carlos! YAY!

"Do you see his eyeliner?"
"Guy could be the drummer for the cure."


"No one's going to believe I'm depressed." Hee!

"Here's a good starter: 'Hello, my name is Gus, and I am jealous of a little boy cat."

"Just... stay away from the water for now."

I just KNEW it was going to be something like that. Showtunes, or whatever.

Climbing machine Gus!

BUZZ! NO! NOT BUZZ! J'adore Buzz.

"Stay boy cat!"

Oooh, McNab with ONE 'b'.

Gus totally went and hid behind Shawn! And Shawn actually edged in front of him.

Back-handed compliment, whee!

"Don't thank me. Thank the little boy cat."

Aw. He gave the little boy cat to Buzz! Aw. That's so cute.

Preview for next week: "Actually, I've been promoted. It's Captain Crunch."

Flirting over cereal. Totally.

"Where the hell is my prize?"

"Gus, that's... so childish. I'm going to eat yours." I love how that's more sanitary than eating the cereal he dipped a finger into. Snerk.
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