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First day prep, Zoom, and SPOILERS!

I'm currently sitting in front of my mother's laptop with a Ziploc bag over my head, bleaching my hair. It kinda burns, and I nearly passed out when I tried breathing through my nose. But hey, in about an hour, I will hopefully be blue haired! This is step one in my outfit for the first day of school. Also included: my Ospreys rugby jersey, a pair of BDUs, and boots. And the necklace I got at RenFest. Hells yeah. I also, now that I think about it, need to get a backpack to use. I've got a messenger bag somewhere, I'm sure.

Me and my mum went and saw Zoom today, and it is freaking brilliant. I could care less about all the "Isn't this just a rip-off of ____" posts that are going on over at IMDb. I especially love Kevin Zegers, for the small time he was actually in the movie. Heh. I've totally loved him since Time-Share, with Timothy Dalton. Damn, I love that movie. I need to get a copy...

Anyway! Crossing Jordan spoilers, anyway? Question: I heard there's a new character joining Crossing Jordan in Season 6. Got the scoop? — Nalex

Ausiello: Jordan's actually adding a few new characters this season. In the Oct. 20 season premiere, you'll meet the new medical examiner in the morgue, Dr. Kate Switzer, played by Grey's Anatomy's Brooke Smith. In the second episode, Jeffrey Donovan (Touching Evil) joins the cast as a special prosecutor investigating alleged improprieties in the Boston Medical Examiner's Office. Finally, a new and yet-to-be-cast rogue cop will be introduced later in the season.

Well, this pisses me off. Although hopefully we'll get lots of Seely before the "rogue cop" comes in.

Now, to go and do things until I can wash the bleach out of my hair. PS: NEW PSYCH! New Civil War-themed Psych, to be specific. I will be in geek heaven, I swear. (Captain Crunch, hee!)
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