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Finally, I update! Woosh.

Oh man, I haven't updated in FOREVER. Everything's going good, don't worry, I just... get tired now. Since I've got school and all. But I got great prescription sleep drugs, which is NICE. I actually feel rested when I wake up in the mornings.

Among other good news, I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!!! Well, the temporary one, anyway. The permanent one should arrive in about a week or so. But I can now drive by myself, no parental unit at all! I'm going to do my first solo drive up the library (Smoky Hill, not South Branch; driving to South Branch by yourself could be done by a five year old), and if it goes good, I'm driving myself to school tomorrow morning.

Speaking of school! I have tons of people to hang with now. There's Piper, of course, and her best friend Julia (who, btw, is a total 21 Jump Street fanatic, and mentioned this one fic where Hansen gets raped while in prison that I totally need to get the link to, and to whom I'm lending Oz season one tomorrow). There's also Ed, who stays at Humanex through Family Group, and takes the rest of his classes in an online high school thing. And Oscar, who is totally hilarious and who I might be crushing on a bit. The pluses: He's funny, can quote Monty Python liek woah, is a junior and therefore near my age, and is smart enough to beat me at chess (not that hard). The minuses: He's a Magic fanatic. Hm. It's a debate.
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