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In which I get pissed off, and have a new crush.

I just found out that The Living End, the Dropkick Murphys, and Less Than Jake (aka, three of my favorite bands) are touring together.

In the fucking UK.

I am SO pissed. Why couldn't they wait until the summer? When I'd actually be there? And could see them? And die of the extreme happiness? Sigh.

In other news, I definitely have a crush on Oscar. It's officially official. And, here's the best part, I may actually have a chance with him! He's a bit like Zach, my former crush, only quite smart. And makes less self-deprecating jokes, more just goofiness. Okay, mostly they just have the same hair. Um. Anyway. Yes. We played hangman today, and he totally gave a word with æ. I half cracked up, and half tried to kill him. It's great that I get to start the day in class with him, and my second-to-last class is also with him! Ahem. Yes. It feels nice to be crushing on someone, especially someone who I may have a shot with.

Also, he discovered that Alan couldn't snap his fingers, and so kept snapping his fingers in front of Alan's face. I joined in, as did Piper and Julia, and then we all tried to pretend we were in West Side Story as Alan tried to kill us. It was BRILLIANT.

Okay, the reminiscing made me feel better. And I'm actually sad that I have to wait until Monday to go to school, entirely because of Oscar. Jeez.

EDIT: Oh yeah, everybody should join www.hogwartslive.com, and add me to their friends list. My name on there is Rushton.
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