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No, I'm not dead. Much.

I just watched the first five minutes of the pilot of the Black Donnellys, and I'm already totally in love with it all. And not just because of all the eyecandy.

Anyway, I notice I haven't updated in forever. Well, Thursday after school, I drove Piper, Julia, and Ed over to Piper's house (and let's not tell anyone that it was technically illegal, since I haven't had my license for at least six months) where we watched Dogma and Ed smoked on the tailgate of my truck and scared some middle schoolers. I then drove back home and read some Dogma fics until near midnight, when I took a sleeping pill (well, half-pill, anyway) and went to bed after being up for well over 24 hours. I was then so knocked out that I missed school on Friday. Heh. After I finally woke up, me and my mom went to Kohls where I got seven new shirts (including two semi-dressy ones that I can wear for, like, interviews and stuff), and then to Verizon, where we decided on what new phones we want (every two years, our service gives us a huge discount on getting a new phone) - we both decided on the V, which has the QWERTY keyboard and all that. We also got Bluetooth earpieces, despite my worries that it was a bit too Doctor-Who-Cybus-Corp.

Oh, and I changed my layout. Not entirely sure if I'll stick with it, but it's rather cute, I think. And a bit more fitting than my bright pink former layout, I must say. Hah. Oh, and Psych last night? SO FREAKING AWESOME. Ahem. I'm better now. (Note to self: get TBD icon/s. And more Psychcons.)
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