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Ideas of CHERUB, birthday, and Dogma.

I've got this one tooth that's turned sideways a bit, and it keeps rubbing this part of my cheek raw. I'm about ready to yank it out, despite it being a permanent tooth.

In other, more cheerful news, I finally got around to finishing the latest CHERUB book - and, as happens every time I read a CHERUB book, I feel the urge to write a fanfic with either OCs or crossover characters. It doesn't help that they recruit from all over the world, either, since it makes me want to write an AU where Veronica Mars winds up at CHERUB and hijinks ensue - because, you must admit, she'd be ace at it. Or, hey! A non-AU where Colby from Numb3rs went to CHERUB! It would explain his familiarity with the tech section of the paper without knowing about RPGs. The Numb3rs gang could stumble across something that they need CHERUB operatives for, and Colby could've been in training with the mission handler or something. Or! Even better, Matt Seely. I say even better because damn, I like that boy. But the Boston PD would be less likely to get a CHERUB-related case than the FBI.

...dude. Ducky was SO in CHERUB. I'm sorry, was that random? Yes, yes it was. But nah, probably not happening, since we've seen his mother and she's alive and not in jail and all- Gibbs. Oh my God, yes. Even him knowing Russian and Spanish fit in, since those would the languages he'd learn at CHERUB. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but he's never mentioned his parents, correct?

Am so writing NCIS/CHERUB crossover fic. At some point. In near future. Which means possibly never. BUT STILL!

In other news, I'm planning my birthday party for Fat City. I figure, laser tag, bowling, plus arcade games. Ought to keep us occupied, right? The "us" I'm inviting is Piper, Julia, Ed, Oscar, and Alan. Three boys, three girls, and we're the core group that eats together at lunch (well, Oscar sometimes disappears to play Magic with Carter, but yeah). Oh, and today at lunch, we were casting ourselves in the roles of Dogma characters. After some discussion, we decided that Piper was Serendipity, the muse, which makes total sense. Then everyone decided without even commenting that I was Bartleby, which made me a little paranoid that they think I'm going to flip out one day and go on a killing spree (which, actually, might've been, since later Julia commented that that my argyle sweater-vest in combo with my bleach-blonde hair made me look like a serial killer), since I was the only one that was decided upon instantly like that. Rufus is Oscar, Julia's Loki, Ed's Asrael, Alan's God (heh), Dom's Jay, and Brenden's Silent Bob. Oh, and Tara's Bethany, because she's pregnant. Yes. Indeed.

...and I think I was going to post something else, but I totally forgot what. OH! Wait! I remember now. I found out what disorders Oscar has! And wow, that's a bizarre sentence to type. But at Humanex, if he wasn't taking at least two medications, I'd be suspicious. Anyway, seems he's bi-polar, OCD, and ADHD. All of which I'm fine with - although a bit surprised at the first two, because I haven't seen any of it. Which I guess means the medication's working, right? And now I'm probably going to pass out. Night!
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