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My challenge to you is: Assemble a superteam from your various fandoms. Your team must consist of the following:

(1) Team Leader (examples: Mal Reynolds, Gibbs, Dumbledore)
(1) Warrior (examples: Ronon, Faith, Hercules)
(1) Smartypants (examples: House, Giles, Hermione)
(1) Hottie (examples: Brian Kinney, John Sheppard, Amanda)
(1) Comic Relief (examples: Frannie Vecchio, Wash, Xander)
(1) Medic (examples: Cuddy, Cristina Yang, Madame Pomfrey)
(1) Total Badass (examples: Jayne, Agent Flynn, Riddick)

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT fandoms. I will count SG1/SGA and Buffy/Angel as different fandoms, as well as Marvel and DC, but I'm not going to split Marvel and DC into all *their* different fandoms; this meme would be way too easy if you could just fill all the slots with different superpowered people.

Whether your team has a 'theme' (all girls! all Brits! etc.) and their scope-- whether they fight vampires, serial killers, invading aliens or work to prevent littering-- is up to you.

Team Leader: It's a toss-up between Judy or Doug from 21 Jump Street. I shall toss it into the air and let you decide whether I let my brain or lust win. Haha.
Warrior: Colby. 'Cause, um, he runs. Lots. And tackles people. And is really hot. What?
Smartypants: Veronica Mars. Who better, man? I mean, if we're not including the evil dead people.
Hottie: Gonna have to go with dragonessasmith on this one, and say Seely. Because yum.
Comic Relief: Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. Because he's cool like that.
Medic: The Doctor. And yes, I know he's not that sort of doctor! I just don't care.
Total Badass: Ryan O'Reily! Yes. Yes indeed. I'm not even going to bother explaining that, because *DUH*.

And if I hadn't already used the Doctor, I'd be debating the need for another post, that of Techie/Hacker, just so I could put my boy Mick in there, but alas. Earwax.
Tags: memes

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