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Today's Report

Well, folks, a bit of a longer update now that I've got a bit of time.

Apart from the clay thing, not much happened. I like clay.

Read Gravitation #3, and scared people away with my barely held in laughter. Mia thought there was somethin' wrong with me. Kim forgot her ID again, cuz she's a loser. So me and Mia came up to the MTC and logged on, and I went to her Xanga site (http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=theyoungalcoholic). And then I searched for good Gravitation fics. And decided that Gravitation is now my thrid-ever series where I love the MC. Inuyasha and LOCI being the other ones.

I fell asleep. -_-() And some baka from two rows over took my Gravitation and FAKE! He was sittin' there readin' it when I came to, and I was all "GIVE IT!"... I also drew a picture of me before lunch (spent at the table-in-the-alcove with Mia and Girl-Whose-Name-I-Forgot). At the bottom it reads "Amidst the choas of Spanish class, Leevee finds her true calling." The picture is of me, rugby shirt and all, standing on a desk (with lil speech bubbles of things people were saying while I was drawing this, mostly of football, surrounding her/me). In one hand I clutch a Pokeball, and the other is flashing a victory sound. A speech bubble off of me has one of the old Pokemon themes. I scared Dorian and Tiffany with it, too!

We watched a video! And that's what we'll do next, to. It's 'Biography's 100 Most Influential People in the Past Millenium', or something. After finishing (we hafta list them all) we pick one to write a report on. We got through all but the last 32 today, and I've narrowed my list down to Voltaire, Dante, or Machiavelli. Prolly Niccolo Machiavelli, cuz he's just so darned cool.

And I love this icon.

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