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Roseanne and Fic (not Roseanne-fic, though)

I'm just kicking back, playing my Legacy household (one of the parents - not the founder, his wife - died, and I've currently got one teen, four children, and a pregnant founder, and until about a second ago that was two children and two toddlers), watching Roseanne, when I glance up and... catch Joss Whedon's name in the credits. I mean, I knew he was involved with it, but it's still something else to actually SEE it, y'know?

So... yeah. I've also, quite randomly indeed, been on a random Buffy crossover kick. If anyone has some recs for nice, long fics that cross Buffy over with any of the shows (or books, or movies, or whatevers) I know of or you think I know of, or where knowing of the other show doesn't really matter, please. Send 'em to me. I NEED fic.

...Nick at Nite just had this 'Roseanime' little ad. It's a bit scary, and at the same time, the most awesome thing ever.

EDIT: I adore this episode of SVU. The landlady is all "Whatever you think he did, I think he did it. What DO you think he did?" "Thanks, miss, but I think we can take it from here." "That bad, huh?"

And, of course, Cassidy knowing where the normal hookers got pushed to after the transgendered ones moved in, and going all "What? What are you looking at?!" This is probably my most favoritist episode of SVU ever.
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