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So... happy? Awkward? All of the above?

Okay! So. I'm sure you're all wondering what happened with Oscar. Or, you know, you don't care, but I'm going to tell you anyway!

I didn't tell him on Thursday, because I wound up not going to school on Thursday. But I told him Friday (or, rather, I went all "Hey, Oscar, I think I maybe have a crush on you"), he responded with "Oh, okay. Well, we still hang out, and stuff?" or something like that, I was panicking too much to remember the exact words. Shockingly, things were NOT awkward at lunch or in Bob's that day.

And then I come down this morning from my shower (in prep for going to play laser tag for hours at Fat Ciy), I found an IM from Oscar waiting.

auk412 (11:59:23 AM): oh well, i wanted 2 talk 2 u about the other day
Otakulee (11:59:30 AM): Okay
auk412 (11:59:58 AM): i just dont feel comfy talking about relashonships in a place like school
Otakulee (12:00:07 PM): Yeah, I get that
auk412 (12:00:25 PM): good, u understand
Otakulee (12:00:31 PM): Yep
auk412 (12:00:47 PM): oh well, i kinda have a chrush on u 2
Otakulee (12:01:31 PM): Cool
Otakulee (12:02:54 PM): Haha, so, this is a bit awkward now
auk412 (12:02:59 PM): yep
auk412 (12:03:23 PM): oh well, i'm a spaz ur a spaz, we're all spazez
Otakulee (12:03:31 PM): That's for sure!
auk412 (12:03:36 PM): yea
Otakulee (12:03:38 PM): :-D
auk412 (12:03:46 PM): :-D
Tags: obligatory love interests, rl

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