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"If you think that'll work, I think it's endearing!"

I had the most bizarre dream last night. And I can't even blame it on my sleep meds because I didn't take any.

So it starts out, and for once I'm myself - or, at the very least, resembling myself - and I'm with a group. More than one other person, and not a huge number, but I don't recall the exact number. Anyway, we're going to Las Vegas, which is evidentally in the mountains, as we're climbing all over this mountainous country. And, like, we see this one patch of land that stands out as different and something we've never seen before, and one of the others goes "That must be plain," and we all stare at it. Yeah, I don't know. Anyway, there's also patches of frost that everyone's complaining burns their feet. I shrug, as I don't feel it since I'm doing that flying/jumping thing I tend to do in ALL of my dreams ever (it's not like I'm soaring in the skies, or am horizontal while flying; it's more like when you're right in the middle of a jump, only it's constant).

There's also all these long tannish colored tufts of things that at first we think are some weird kind of grass, but eventually figure out are fur - cat fur, to be precise. We're wondering why there's huge tufts of cat fur all over the place, when we start coming across these dead animals that are, like, frozen in place. This, somehow, makes us realize that the mountains near Las Vegas are heavily infested with cougars, so we start to run into the city, since night's falling and we don't want to be eaten.

So we wind up in Vegas, and suddenly we're no longer runaway kids (the impression I had been getting), we're on a secret mission. We find a large, open room (a bit like the clubhouse at the pool that Joe's mom used to manage, except that it's set over a highway). And then I start passing out gadgets. At this point, there seems to be four of us, and the two guys are like Oscar and Alan. The girl is Julia, I think, but she also had some qualities of Ed. Oscar gets some sort of chemicals for his gadget, including something that acts as a super-duper-super glue. EdJulia gets a set of thing that are a bit like what you'd expect someone doing roller derby to wear for protection, plus a little scanner thing that tells you the exact speed/distance/whatever of what you're scanning plus functioning as a pair of binoculars. I tried it out, and it was pretty awesome - the view was brilliant and the scanner functions were varied and brilliant. But I then noticed that to try it out, I had been standing in front of the nice, big window, so I spazzed out thinking people had seen me. I don't remember, even vaguely, what the other two gadgets were.

Anyway. Somewhere in here, there was a bit where we were at a Chuck E. Cheese/Fat City kind of place, hiding from some others. And I ran into the children's bathroom and into one of the stalls for sick children, and tried to pretend I was one. I was found like whoa easy though. Then we got taken to this palace/mansion sort of place (and yes, in my mind, this is all still Vegas). And here's where it starts to get weird, and I makes me think I should stop watching Oz. Because suddenly I'm all third-person instead of first, and I'm following around Ryan fucking O'Reily. No, not joking. Anyway, we're all searched, except that part of my subconcious recalls things I learned from explorers, as we hide all the stuff we need in our crotches. And then there's like, an auction or something. Of people. Including us. And O'Reily is bought by the ruler of the mansion/palace, some chick who I think is based more than a little off of the villain lady from the book Scorpia, because I'm crazy like that.

And then, um, stuff happens. And O'Reily is suddenly someone else, who is either married or pretending to be married as an excuse as to why he can't, um, go all the way. And he lulls her into a sense of security, and the group breaks out, and they're all running up this, like, cliff thing, and then they remember the coyotes and go back all reluctantly. And here's the part where my dream goes stupid, because the main character walks over and starts thinking that okay, he'll just go with her and pretend to be her boy-toy (or whatever), because she's about to head to Las Vegas, and he can meet up with the rest of his team there.

Yes. THIS is why I like dreams. They're so deliciously bizarre.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm coming down with a cold because I slept with my window open last night. I've got a messed up throat, and now my ears and nose are ALL screwed up. Grar. Oh, and I got the 10th X-Factor comic - which would be awesome, but I don't have the 9th. Grrrreat. And another edition, I got a "Learn Welsh!" tape/book thing, so if I start randomly trying to write in it and screwing up horribly, don't be too cruel.
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