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A Day in the Life...

Man, I have not updated in FOREVER. I'd write just a quick note here and say I'll update more tomorrow, but I'm going to actually do homework tomorrow or be forced to completely BS a five-minute speech on Monday. And that turned out oh-so brilliantly when I did it in eighth grade.

Anyway, I have a head cold. It's actually not too horrible, mostly just a runny nose and I had a sore throat earlier. The only real annoying part was when I couldn't pop my ears and kept sneezing. I thought my head was going to explode, and plus I was driving on the highway with the sun in my eyes. Thankfully, nothing bad happened.

Me and my mom went to a baby shower today! Keri, whose parents work/play softball with my dad, is due in January. It was pretty fun, mostly because their neighbor had a son who was about five, and after the main party, I kept him entertained by tickling him, and he kept trying to jump on me, or across me (I'd catch him in midair, so he wouldn't go face-first into the floor). Another one of the ladies had a five month old baby that was just plain adorable that I played with a little. You know, every time I'm away from children, I think about my character traits and go, "Man, I think I'd be horrible with children, especially small children." But I'm actually fairly good with them.

Anyway, after the shower I convinced my mom to go to a movie. We FINALLY saw Invinceable, and it was brilliant. I loved it. The ending seemed a bit rushed, but otherwise it was perfect, and I actually got into the game itself. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even like football, despite everything her parents have tried (my mom in favor of the Dolphins; my dad for the Raiders).

Seeing Kirk Acevedo on the big screen inspired me to watch some Oz. I wound up putting in the disc with "A Day in the Death", from season six, because I wanted to listen to the Winters brothers talk. It was just getting to the interesting part, though, when the footage reached the point where I hadn't seen it. So I cursed and then went back and watched that part sans commentary. Then I went and got all caught up on my various sites (or, at least, semi-caught up on most of my sites), geeked out at the new VM spoilers, and am now off to read a variety of Ryan/Alvarez fics, because it's the prettiest pairing there is, yo.
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