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VMars MySpace!

*spazzes out* DUDES! The VMars characters have official MySpaces! And according to Parker's, she's from Denver! And her last name's Lee! I'm taking this as a shout-out. (Am joking. But still, how awesome!) And Piz? I am already in ridiculous love with him. In my defense, he's awesome.

(Anyone else up for some Piz/Dick shipping? ...just me, then?)

For their MySpaces, just put in http://www.myspace.com/vmars and then whatever their name is. Like http://www.myspace.com/vmarslogan, etc.

Now, I REALLY need to finish my rugby speech. What I have written so far comes out to around one minute long, so I have to get four more minutes of crap before I'm done. *flails*
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