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VM and NCIS; aaah, it's good to be back to normal.

09/19 - Kristen Bell [...] revealed that [Richard Grieco, a] 21 Jumpstreet alum, is going to be joining Veronica Mars for six or so episodes this season!

Yeah, I squealed. So? SHUT UP!

I want to marry Jimmy Palmer. No, really. I mean, dude.
"What do you think about Black Lung?"
"...I think it's a horrible and painful way to die."
"As a codename!"
"Oh. I like it!"

And although I come down more on the side of Tony/McGeek these days, Tony hugging Gibbs? AW! I thought he was going to start blustering about, and instead he just hugs him. Before the episode, I was looking forward to seeing Tony as the boss. But I totally forgot the best part - Tony interacting with Gibbs when Gibbs isn't his boss. You notice he was a lot more confident and secure, and wasn't flinging around insults because of this? He just acted insecure in more traditional ways. ("He didn't say goodbye to me!")

I kinda hope they use the new probie for target practice, though. The scary thing is? The main reason I dislike her is that when the FBI ran out of the office, she didn't call Tony. Even though she was told to keep an eye on them. It's one of those things I always hate, like cheating spouses. Weirdness.

I also so adored the Tony-as-Gibbs parts, and also Ducky telling him that he wasn't Gibbs; Gibbs left. Ducky's so the grandfather and/or uncle of that little family.

And now, I want fic! Post-premiere fic! And also any Tony/Jimmy fics you may come across, because I'm having a weird craving like that.

The game was pretty awesome. We had to leave halfway through, though, which kinda sucked. But we still got to see a fight break out! And man, the Dallas Stars were playing like dumbasses - the only time they got a goal while we were there was when the Avs were down two players thanks to penalties, and the second one of them got back on the ice we got another goal. Sweetness.

Well, I'm off to bed, to dream pretty dreams. Plus, I have to drive myself in the morning and it's already past midnight. Crap!
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