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It's a white man's sport.

I absolutely love The Piz. I want to huggle Dick. Mac and Wallace are awesome. I still want to marry Ken Marino. Criminology professors are dead sexy. And argyle can actually look hot on a guy on this show - shocker!

In other news, new episode of NCIS in less than two hours, party! And me and Julia have decided that we will be going as the McQuaid sisters for Halloween, so we're going to get together (...eventually), watch the McQuaid episodes, take notes, and then head off to a Goodwill to find stuff for our costumes. Haha, yeah. We're thinking this weekend, if I can get my mom to agree. And do a sleepover, at my house, with Piper (we must indoctrinate her!).
Tags: rl, tv, vm

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