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CSI:NY musings (no spoilers)

I've just hit upon why I don't like the Danny/Lindsey on CSI:NY, despite somewhat liking Lindsey now - I don't believe in it. I mean, when they're having moments that the writers probably mark as "romantic flirting", sure, there's chemistry. But the rest of the time... I'm not looking for smoldering glances, hell no, but Danny doesn't even bother glancing at her half the time, doesn't seem more intune to her than he is to the computer giving him results.

Now look at Flack, who is pretty much always looking at Danny. Seriously, any scene of theirs where he doesn't need to be staring at evidence/a suspect/a corpse, he's looking at Danny. That's how you play it, people! I mean, it's not like he's being unprofessional in the least bit; he's focused on the cases, but that doesn't mean he can't watch Danny. Maybe Danny just can't multitask - you know, look at people and think at the same time. Hah.

And now that I've decided I like Lindsey, I have a craving for Hawkes/Lindsey. I mean, come on. They'd have beautiful children! Seriously.
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