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Nevada Chainsaw Massacre. Snerk.

I just realized why I like the pretty boy on Shark so much! There's a vague resemblance between him and John Barrowman. Plus, he has a brilliantly cute pout. He's sweet.

Also, I think Greg/Sofia would be rather cool to actually have on CSI. I dunno. They'd make cute babies!

Greg was an Eagle Scout. OMG. Sorry, but that amuses me a bit.

Also, I like Neil. He amuses me. Terribly so. He's totally got a man-crush on Greg, too.

Oh, and Nick starts looking more and more like my dad. It's getting scary.

(And that last case, the chainsaw one? They've SO been to that part of "Vegas" before. That episode where I think the teen daughter killed her mom and shoved her into a trashcan? Ooh, was that the one with the dead chick in the landfill? I think it was. And there was the squick with the teen daughter and the dad and my god I have absolutely zero life if I remember all of this.)

Also, I'm getting pissed off with the assumption that "OMG! Wrist on the right! He's left-handed! I'm right handed, and when I wear a watch, it's on my right wrist. So take THAT, CSI!

And I totally missed Hodges, if he even showed up. I saw his name at the beginning as a special guest star, but I totally didn't see him. Am I getting senile in my old age?!

Next week: Greggo in da spotlight! And, um, possibly greviously injured. Shiiiit. I want Greg angst from this that ISN'T overshadowed by some random Grissom/Sara - although I guess it won't be, now, since they're together and all. Okay, scratch that and put in
Catherine/Warrick. Or Warrick/Tina drama. Or anything. Shit. I just want some pure angst, is that too much to ask?!

Also, I swear to God that Veronica Mars's criminology professor was just on Shark. Bwuh? I CONFUSED!
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