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Song and Rant

Well, folks, I got a new song. No, don’t groan at me. It’s only about six lines long or so, and from a musical!

"What a lot of fun.
You guys have been swell.
And there’s not a one
Who can say this ended well.
All those secrets, you been concealing
Say you’re happy now – once more with feeling.
Well, I gotta run.
See you all in hell!"

Alright, so it’s from the Buffy musical. Whatev.

And Dawn was sixteen at the end of season seven. Gotta remember that for ficcing purposes. And it makes Andrew/Dawn more conceivable than if she was fourteen. Cause, think, Andrew’s probably 21 or so. Five year difference, who cares? Remember, I am she who used to ship Spike/Dawn. In my world, five years is a very minute particle of time, you know. Especially with my new found intel that says Wes (the character, not Alexis Denisof, mind you) is in his thirties. Sigh. And I still ship him with Faith.

No I don’t. I’m so confused… One thing’s certain: NO WES/FRED! *cheers the end of “Lineage”* I used to be all, Wes/Eve, yeah! Then she’s all with Linds an’ stuff, so… I know! Wes/Spike! It works so well…

Right. I’m off to make HAH’s site HTML savvy. Computer class is hellavuh fun time, ne?

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