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I feel all cool and life-having now. So I'm going to go read a criminalistics textbook!

So. I'm, like, not good with this posting thing now that I have a life (and Sims 2: Pets). And stuff. But hey, I managed to do a full quarter's worth of work in one week, since it meant getting out of Nancy M's class! I also missed about a trillion episodes of shows (okay, I've missed two Numb3rs, plus the latest Ugly Betty, CSI, and Shark, but that's a lot to me!). But hey, what else is fall break for?

Oh yeah. All of that. Nearly forgot that!

Anyway, I got the latest Tamora Pierce yesterday, and yes I've already finished it even though it's not technically released until Tuesday. And dudes? It is AWESOME. Beka Cooper is easily my favorite main character, and personality-wise the most like me (Daine being, of course, the least like me). Love her, man. Plus, the format is a change from the usual, and that's always fun!

And this Sunday, Torchwood starts, meaning all the promos are going into overtime. And then next weekend I've got both the qualifying round of the NVC, AND MileHiCon. Oh, and at some point this week I have to put together my demonstrative speech (on encrypting sentences using the nihilist technique) and at least get SOME work done on my persuasive speech/research paper (joint venture, on youth rights with a focus on political and military).

Then after fall break there's Halloween, Spirit Week at school, and NaNoWriMo starts up.

Interesting days ahead, it seems. Indeed, yes. Of course, I still wish I could just skip over Saturday and have Torchwood BE HERE, already. Anyway, I'm off to shower and then hopefully pass out on my bed. Because my eyes are hurting. And my brain, too, since even with all this stuff, it's still going "Man, I've got nothing to do!"
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