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NaNo '06 decisions

So, since dragonessasmith had to go and post her plot for NaNo, I swung around from totally going for my nicely plotted out with very few characters fantasy story to my not plotted out at all but with billions of characters I know all about mystery story. Both come with a huge heaping a humor, although the fantasy story's a little bit more depressing at the end. Anyway! I decided to have a poll, because I do so love the polls.

Fantasy story: Danica "Danny" Powell is twenty-five years old, and forever stuck in the body of a fifteen year old with memories of only the past ten years. Which is mostly her own fault, because when on a mission back when she was actually fifteen, she reacted to a spell thrown at her by just shoving her magic at it - don't work like that, yo. (Oh, the mission thing? Well, back when she was twelve or so, she and two brothers who lived in her apartment block greeted a set of twins who had just moved in. Pretty soon they figured out that the twins were psychic and went off to have all sorts of adventures typical of independent reader fantasy stories. However, they were soon picked up by the School for Higher Beings, which trains heroes and send them out on all sorts of heroic tasks.) Anyway, she decides that she's had enough of saving the world and junk like that, and wants to just report on it instead. So when she gets a tip that the Apocalypse is going down sometime soon, she sets off to find it. And blah, blah, stuff happens. The main thing that makes this the more depressing story is that if I go with it, I'm killing Danny at the end.

Mystery story: Detective Ryan Galloway just turned thirty, and the longest relationship he ever had was a month long and in ninth grade. Which didn't used to bother him, but is now making him twitch a little. Plus, the twin Canadian snipers he helped put away a few years ago, before that serial killer? Yeah, they just escaped. And now he's got to work with two idiots from the Fugitive Apprehension Unit - a professionally dressed woman who really wants to shoot Ryan, and an enigma in a leather jacket that Ryan wants to shoot. Plus there's that bit where everyone who knows him seems to be being kicked out of their own living places and for some reason think that he'd put them up for a while (possibly because he does, indeed, let them move in). All of which he could deal with, albeit with much whining and complaining and throwing of heavy objects, but that not all. It can never be all! His bowling team is getting its ass handed to it in the local league. How infuriating.

Poll #853532 NaNo '06

Which idea should I go with?

fantasy story starring Danny
mystery story starring Ryan
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