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Torchwood musings...

Robot Chicken viewing again - they had a scene where the hand from the Addam's Family is marrying another hand, and yes. My brain immediately went to the Torchwood place.

Owen = adorable. Man, I so don't care about fandom. Love him.

Please, folks, tell me I'm not the only one wishing for a Torchwood/NCIS crossover fic. Please? Because wow, that would rock. Um. Yes, moving on...

Bernie was all kinds of amusing, I must say. Although a bit of an ass when it came to the blackmailing thing. But still, was that not the most awesome chase scene EVER? And he's so universally hated, that amused me.

Um, Jack. A little pissy this episode, but I quite liked it. Shouty's a good thing! Plus, the gun-sex. Yum. Although I would've preferred Ianto 'stead of Gwen, I'll take what I can get.

Tosh is adorable, and I quite look forward to getting to know her better. She definitely has a soft spot for Owen, which is nice! Plus, her and Jack's shared geekiness over... everything geeky, is beautiful.

I need more Ianto, and less Gwen, but that's to be expected when it comes to me. I must say, for all that I normally dislike a lot of female characters on shows, I find Gwen sympathetic and a bit cute. Odd, but nice, seeing as she's pretty much the main character.

Also, absolutely loved how Owen kept using the phonebook (and getting results much faster than Tosh and her computer). Harkens back to Ianto's "With my eyes" bit. Which, of course, makes me want to ship Owen/Ianto. But you know what, Ianto/Jack and Owen/Tosh are also awesome. I just can't stand the idea of Gwen with anyone but Rhys. He's just far too adorable, and far too perfect a guy. Even though you know it's gonna end badly somehow, and I'm going to go all cringey and disliking part of the cast, because cheating is like the one thing that's always going to push my buttons. One of the reasons I fell in complete love with Ryan O'Reily on Oz? Because he divorced Shannon when he started falling in love with Gloria. Oh, which reminds me...

Dean Winters. On 30 Rock November 8th. As Tina Fey's ex-boyfriend. They'd have quite pretty babies.

Now, I need to go sleep, because it's back to school in the morning, and then I cut out an hour early to go finish paperwork for my job. Hooray! Paperwork. Gotta love paperwork. Especially paperwork that's supposed to take about two hours.
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