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That Girl... GRR!

Y'know what? Andrew's hot.

What is it with guys named Andrew? Gough, Wells, and Craig's bro. Sigh. I feel sad now. 'Cuz I'm a loser. BUT! I'm queen of the losers, so all is well.

Here's hoping that we're doing a musical fer drama! Then I can sing Buffy songs at my audition! Prolly the first one, cuz it's wicked cool.

God help me if That Girl gets lead. I'll kill someone! Well, it might actually be a good thing. She's popular, so she's perfected the art of lying well enough to be a fairly decent actor, and if I get lead villan I won't have to fake hatred!


Anywho... Hogwarts, A History's main site is finally up. Only the front page as of now. I'm off to make some more pages, though. Ciao!

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