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Real life update! Not that I seem to make any other kids these days...

I hate fevers. I get super hot and sweat, but at the same time I'm shivering. Grah.

Didn't go to work today, thanks to the fever and the accompanying dizziness whenever I moved my head. But hey, gave me inspiration for my Nano! Which I'm still behind on, but am rather confident about.

Finally saw last week's NCIS, and this week's, and dudes: awesome. Full of shiny Tonyness! *dies of happy*

In other news, I totally want to quit my job. I don't mind helping people - I actually love it - and I love the kids, but I can't stand standing around for hours doing NOTHING. We're not allowed to sit down, or even lean against anything! It's insane, and I want to quit. And then I can go and, I dunno, volunteer at the Brentwood Buddies thing (a low-income day care/after school program that my school gives a Christmas party to every year). I'd get to work with kids, and actually do stuff with them other than just smile at them for a half a second as they're going at the door.

But this could be the fever talking. I'm going to go take a shower and then pass out - and sleep in, because NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, YEAH! I've got my quarterly review at 11:20AM, though. And then I'm scheduled from 5PM-10:30PM at work, but that won't be happening if I quit. But I'll have to talk to my mom about that, she may not let me, and I do so hate to make her mad (not sarcasm; I really do hate it when she's mad at me).
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