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Nano nano!

I am so freaking bored. I mean, I need to have about three thousand more words written on my Nano - which, by the way? Is turning out to be less of a murder comedy (as originally intended), and more of a 'let's see how many times - and it what ways - I can hurt Ryan!' story. But I wanna GO somewhere right now, man! Maybe I should go to Borders, but that's hardly a drive. Although I COULD go to the one in Park Meadows, which would be a slightly longer drive. Hm... If I leave now, the mall will still be open when I get there, and I could get some Sbarro to eat, or something. Yeah... Sounds good to me!

And I am, btw, loving my crazy-ass NaNo story. I mean, DUDE. It's so ridiculous, and they're all so gay, it's awesome. And people, send in suggestions for how to injure Ryan! (I've also decided that at the end, he is totally quitting the force and working as a private detective. Or, maybe, for one. Hm. I'll have to think about this.)

PS: Torchwood tonight! Hopefully when I get back it'll be up for download - I mean, up for totally legal ways of obtainment.
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