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*heart attack*

Um. Um. Um. Eek.

Oh my God. I don't even care about the freaking ship developments, I really don't (at this point, really, I'm all "Let's just have an orgy and get it over with, okay?"). I just... I like to think sometimes that I'm really quite stoic, that I could be a great cop or forensic scientist or whatever.

Then I see an episode like this, and go "Oh yeah, I'm freaking wimp!" I know I would have reacted the same damn way Gwen did (not the sleeping with Owen thing, as knowing me I would have gotten that out of the way earlier, but the look on her face when the guy said it made him happy). I just... you know, I thought the fairies last week were scary? No. Hell no. This was scary, even though I called it as humans about the second they got out there.

I still feel... well, my heart's not quite pounding, and I doubt I'll have nightmares, but I'm still freaked out. Part of me just wants to curl up and rock back and forth, and it was just a damn TV show! Why can't I be like the rest of the fandom, squeeing and/or screaming about Gwen and Owen hooking up? (Oh, yeah, because I was smart enough to see that coming about when they both first appeared; seriously, that's not a twist, it was inevitible.)

Okay. Calm. Caaaaalm. And I completely agree, Owen, the country SUCKS. I've always thought that, and this just reinforces the idea, really. And I like how, later, Ianto was all "I've always hated camping". I still say that Owen/Ianto would be a pretty, pretty pairing, but I think that's just because I'm all about the slash, and part of me is still going, "Nooo, Jack belongs to the Doctor!" But seriously, I don't think that Owen and Jack, at least, would have any problems at all with a Torchwood orgy. And I sure wouldn't argue, neither!
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