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Nano Fic: Who Are You?

Title: Who Are You?
"Series": The Girlfriend, 1/3
Prompt: #025, Strangers
Word Count: ~500
Rating: G
Summary: In which Kit makes an idiot of himself in front of a stranger.

Kit was currently very pissed off. The object of his obsession was stead-fastedly ignoring him, in favor of just sitting there looking pretty. There was nothing worse than doing everything you could to get the subject of your infatuation, and have them not even notice. He jumped for it one last time, and fell flat on his ass. Oh, smooth. He had to spend less time around Ryan, it seemed to be doing terrible things to his coordination.

“You know, there's a reason we have step stools here,” an amused voice came from behind him. Well, above him and behind him, really, since he was still on the floor. A warm hand grabbed his and pulled him to his feet, so he could return to glowering at his love.

“I'm not short,” he whined at the helpful person, in response to their step-stool comment. Because he totally wasn't short.

“Keep telling yourself that, Napoleon.” His helped turned out to be... an incredibly pretty girl. Oh, it figured. She looked like a senior, too. Just the person for him to make an ass of himself in front of. She reached forward, grabbed the book he had been jumping for off of the highest shelf, and handed it to him after a glance at the cover. “Manhunt: the 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer?” she asked skeptically. “I didn't think any of the history classes were studying the Civil War this quarter.”

Kit blushed, hard. “They're not. It's for creative writing.”

She frowned thoughtfully. “But-”

“The final project, alright? I chose John Wilkes Booth.” Everyone in the school knew about the creative writing final project – students had to pick one time period or person from history, and put together ten different creative pieces on them. Most people went with great war heroes, or movie stars. “I mean, I wanted to do Lewis Powell, but everyone in class reacted with a 'huh' to that, so I had to switch.”

The girl was still staring at him, so Kit clutched the book to his chest. “What?” he demanded.

She grinned. “Nothing! I just think it's cute.”

Cute? No one had ever called him cute before. Well, Ryan had once, but he was just screwing with him (he knew this because Ryan had then started to pinch his cheeks and make baby-talk, making Zacky highly indignant, protesting that he did not speak like that, thank-you-very-much).

He managed a weak smile for her, still clutching his book to his chest. She seemed to find that adorable, because the next thing out of her mouth was, “Wanna go catch a movie?”

The months of living with complete smart asses appeared to have rubbed off on him, because his automatic response was, “Why, is it loose?” He came to his sense a second later. “Uh, I mean, yes! Yes, I would love to catch a movie. With you. I just need to, uh, check out this book.” He waved the book around weakly.

“Well, I can help you with that.” At his confused look – she was much too young to have a masters degree in library science – she explained, “I'm a library assistant during seventh hour.”

“Oh.” And with that, Kit got checked out. In more ways than one. And then realized he didn't even know her name.
Tags: 100_original, galloway, stories, writing

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