Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Nano Fic: No Way Out

Title: No Way Out
"Series": The Girlfriend, 2/3
Prompt: #027, Parents
Word Count: ~800
Rating: G
Summary: The parents find out the kids are dating.

“So what's her name?” Ryan was grinning inanely.

“Who's what now?” Kit tried, knowing as he did so that he was screwed. Hey, he'd managed to get away with having a girlfriend for nearly a month; that was the longest he'd ever made it. But he didn't know how Ryan and Max would react, so maybe it would be okay. The Allens had never been too happy with their foster kids dating, but the Allens had never been happy with anything to do with their foster kids. These guys had been different in every other way, so maybe...

“You've so got a girlfriend,” Ryan smirked knowingly (and annoyingly), and then paused. “Unless... boyfriend?”

Kit's eyes went wide. “No! No. It's a girl,” he protested, winced, and realized he'd fallen into Ryan's not-very-carefully laid trap.

He was saved – momentarily – from the interrogation by the door banging open, and Max announcing, “Hi honey, I'm home!”

Ryan gave his customary, “Honey yourself!” in response, and Zack jumped up from where he'd been watching some British kid's TV show to latch onto his leg and babble excitedly about all the latest happenings at his preschool – some kid, it seemed, had thrown up all over the slide, and two kids had gone down before it was noticed.

Max made the appropriate sounds of interest, but noticed Ryan bouncing around from foot to foot in giddiness, so didn't encourage Zack too much. Zack ran out of steam eventually and went back to his TV, using the remotes with amazing speed to switch from the British show to the DVD that was eternally in the player – the Lion King. He'd watched it around sixty times in the past two weeks, and counting. Zack now occupied, Max turned to Ryan and quirked an eyebrow.

“Kit's got a girlfriend!” Ryan burst out happily, jumping around like a Chihuahua on speed.

“How adorable,” Max said, completely straight-faced. Kit groaned at buried his head in his hands. “What's her name?”

Kit sighed. “Melissa,” he said grudgingly. “She's a senior – as in, twelfth grader,” he added hastily, seeing the smirk rising up on Ryan's face. The smirk went down into a pout, and Kit felt it safe to continue. “She's a library assistant, helped me find a book for a school project.” All of which was technically correct. “We went to a movie, and we've been dating for a little over three weeks now. And I'm not telling you anything else.”

“Oh, fine,” Ryan said, giving a fake pout that slowly turned into an evil look. “I guess we'll just have to meet her, won't we? Why not her whole family, while we're at it?”

Kit's eyes went wide, and he started to bang his head on the table in a nice slow rhythm. “Perfect.”


“Mel's got a boooooooyfriend! Mel and Kit, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes-”

“Jenny in a coffin, if she doesn't shut up!” Melissa snapped, slamming her pencil down on her desk and turning to glower at her. She was trying to work on her AP English homework, and her little sister dancing around her, teasing her about Kit was really not helping with that effort.

“You've got a boyfriend, Mel?” her dad's voice came from the doorway to her room. Shooting a dirty glare at her sister, who stuck her tongue out in response, she nodded reluctantly. “It's not that Tanner boy again, is it?” he asked suspiciously.

She rolled her eyes. She'd dated Tanner Pennington back when they'd first moved to the city, before she had really fit into her school and knew the gossip mill. So it was only after she started dating him she found out what a complete psychotic moron he was. Her father, being the overprotective “guy” he was, had never let her forget it. “No, I'm dating something in the human species this time, Dad. His name's Kit, he's a junior. Completely adorable, too.” She grinned. “Kinda short, though. We met when he was trying to get a book off the top shelf and fell over.”

“Adorable. Yeah.” Her father gave her a suspicious look. “I want to meet this boy. Kit, is that what Jenny said his name was?”

“Daaaaad,” Mel whined. “Do you have to?”

He pretended to consider it for half a moment. “Yes, yes I do. And you know what, I want to meet his parents too. See if they call make it Saturday night, around seven or so.” He turned to leave, and paused in the doorway for a moment. “Oh, and holler if you need any help with your homework. I'll be sure to send your brother up.” He grinned, and left.

“Perfect,” Melissa muttered, unknowingly echoing her boyfriend's earlier statement.
Tags: 100_original, galloway, stories, writing

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