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Doggie news!


My aunt has said that, after living with her for six months (so about a year from now), so that I get an idea of my schedule with school, work she has me do, the twins, and Trixie (their Italian Greyhound puppy), we can talk about me getting a dog of my own. Between that news and the dog show on Animal Planet that my mom is watching right now, I went online and found the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland. A rescued beagle? Hells yeah.

Of course, that's still a year away. Sigh.

In other news, me and the group (Oscar, Piper, and Julia for sure; probably Carter and James too) plan to get together possibly next weekend to have a Bones marathon at Julia's house, since all of them went "Hey, can I borrow it?" when I told them I had the first season on DVD. And then I'll probably sleep over at Oscar's, since I'll be the one driving him home.

Now, I'm going to go burn some time trying to copy a floor plan for a real house in Sims 2. Because... well, just because, alright?
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