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Spoilers for They Keep Killing Suzie!

Best. Episode. EVAR. Ahem. I mean it, btw. So freaking perfect. It had everything! I mean, I was thinking it was the best ever even BEFORE the epilogue.

Also, http://www.torchwood.org.uk/html/pilgrim/ianto_notes.shtml . I'd join! And I hate coffee!

I just... I am not able to formulate actual sentences right now, not really. I'm too much in happy. Because, eeee! I mean, EEEEEEE! I have this sinking feeling, though, that tomorrow I will randomly start shouting "STOPWATCH!!! EEEE!" And That Will Be Good.

Between this and having (finally!) found my iPod (and named it TARDIS, shut up), tomorrow will be a Good Day. BOUNCE!
Tags: torchwood, tv

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