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My Torchwood Reaction, with a Side of Philosophy

Okay, from what I've gotten from a quick Net scan, people were bored by this episode.

I loved it. (But then, I also loved "Love and Monsters" over on Doctor Who.)

I think I loved this episode for the same reason I love the "Chaos Theory" episode of CSI: there isn't a dark conspiracy behind everything, it's just people acting like people, getting mad and screwing up and just... being human. It's sad, because you'd like to think that when you die, there was at least a reason, but it's life. One of the things I saw someone mention was that why'd he take the pictures of the shoes? And that, I think, is the reason for the title: we don't know why he took the pictures, he probably didn't know why, there isn't an actual reason. And that's how human beings act.

I don't know if I made any kind of sense, but I tried to.
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