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New Percy Theory/Theme

My Percy theory has undergone a change. We're all sitting here thinking 'he did that because of ambition' or 'he's a Death Eater' or 'he's a spy!!!'. Now think, if he'd had said the things he did say at any time other than Voldie's uprising, if that hadn't happened at the same time, would we have really cared? Probably not. Did we ever just think maybe there was no ulterior motive than to leave the confines of his family (who, except his mother, dislike him intensely?). That's why I think this song fits Percy very well.

by Simple Plan

I don't want to make this harder than I have to
This is how it has to be
There's so many things I want to say
But you just don't listen to me

I don't wanna hurt you
You don't want to hurt me
I can't stand you
And you can't stand me
We can't rearrange you can never change me
Say goodbye
Nothing I say can change your mind because

I can't stay
Tomorrow I'll be on my way
So don't expect to find me sleeping in my bed
'Cuz when you wake up
I won't be there

Everything I say you find a way to make it
Sound like I was born just yesterday
And everything you taught me doesn't mean a thing
so I'm going my way

This is the last night that I spend at home
And it won't take too long for you to notice
Won't take long for you to find out that I'm gone

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