Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

HP and snow

I need to stop going to Harry Potter message boards, even to get people's opinion on the book seven title (my own reaction: LAAAAAAAAME!). Because then I stumble across people insisting that Zacharias Smith is a Seeker, and that the only people who like Percy Weasley think he needs to be redeemed.

I'm not going to go back into my rant about how Percy doesn't need to be redeemed, although he may need to apologize (but hell, his family needs to apologize to him too!).

Oh HP fandom, how I loathe thee! I wish I could say 'love to loathe', but... not really. (I'd love you more if you'd write good Zacharias fic, and good Percy fic that's not Percy/Oliver...)

In other news! Went out sledding (relative term, that) with Kat and her sibs. Who have both grown, like, a lot. Everyone threw and kicked lots of snow at each other, I did a backflip into a pile of snow trying to get over a fence (and started choking on snow), then we went back to Kat's house and hung out for a while, and me and Melaina (or however you spell it) wound up pinching each other and kicking each other and so on. Quite fun! And they all played DDR while I pouted at them for being good at it (seriously, I was sucking hardcore on beginner mode using a controller). Then I decided I should get home some point before contracting pneumonia, so I hiked back down, using the paths made by cars. And for some reason, even though I hardly ever slip on ice, I was slipping all over the damned place in the packed snow.

When I made it home, I took a warm shower, put on dry clothes, and then took a nice little nap in my mom's bed. It was comfy and warm.
Tags: hp, rl

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