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Criminal Minds

I've been watching Criminal Minds all day - and yes, folks, that would be how I celebrate Christmas, by watching television shows about serial killers. I did mention that my Christmas gift from Carter was a book on forensic psychology, right? These people know me far too well, really.

But anyway, I've decided that this show is quite possibly just under NCIS in terms of my enjoyment of it (Bones is up near the top as well, and CSI:NY would be up there if they'd stop the Lindsay-melodrama crap; CSI has recently been gaining as well, with the brilliance of such episodes as "Loco Motive"). Because I love all of the characters. I mean, I care less about Gideon than the others, but I don't even mind it when an episode focuses on him, not really. And Morgan is just such pure eyecandy...

Hotch I'd been wavering on - similar to Law & Order SVU's Cragen, I didn't really have an opinion on him for a good portion of the first episodes. I mean, he seemed like a good enough guy and all, but I just wasn't too interested. Until this moment, in the episode "The Tribe": the Native American man is saying some wise old thing ("There are many paths to the same place") to get Hotch to use his baton instead of gun; Hotch puts the gun away, but still says, "Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie."

Now that is a character I can love, man.

Well, I still have two discs to watch! And I bet my parents would rather I not be watching Serial Killer TV on Christmas, despite my mother buying me an encyclopedia of serial killers because she saw it and thought of me. So I'm going to go watch some more now, then sleep, then watch the rest tomorrow after I wrap my mom's gifts. Ah, life! (Also: I need just a general 'crime' icon, for all those crime shows I haven't made icons for yet.)
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